Wet Rooms & Level Access Rooms.

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Wet Room

Decades of experience designing and installing wet rooms and level access rooms. We can create a space for your individual needs and taste. Our designs are tailored for less agile clients without sacrificing style.

Alternatively, a level access tray can be installed to be flush with your existing or new floor. These trays to contain water better than a wet floor and are especially useful in a small room.

A wide range of finishes for walls including panels, tiles, glass and acrylic can be used to build you a truly  stunning room.

Building a bespoke wet room or level access shower room can take as little as three days to complete, depending on the room size and your requirements.

Prices are indicative and subject to survey.

We offer a free in home design and quotation service.

Wet Room Installation

A former that looks like a thin shower tray is embedded into the floor and then depending on the style required either tiled over or covered by a vinyl sheet. All walls exposed to the shower are fully water proofed and finished with tiles, wall panels or décor of the customer’s choice. Wet rooms allow for maximum access and can reduced or eliminate screening as all the water on the floor is directed to the drain. In extremely tight areas, toilets and basins can share some of the shower splash area allowing a well-designed wet room to be smaller than a conventional bathroom.


In most installations, alterations to the existing pipes in your home can service a wet room, level access or low-level tray. If this is not practical an electric drain can be installed to pump away the shower water.



Level Access

To create level access shower floor, it will be necessary to remove part of the floor to sink the tray and drainage so that the tray will be level with the finished floor. Shower trays are designed to retain water within their area. In a small bathrooms this solution may prove to more practical than a wet floor installation where water can run over the entire floor.

Low Level Shower Trays

Low trays can reduce installation time and cost compared with wet rooms and level access trays, while retaining the most practicality and aesthetics of a level access shower. A 25mm thick tray is fitted top of your existing floor, with a step of around 20mm on vinyl floor as little as 10mm on a tiled or laminated floor.


In most installations alterations to existing pipes can service a low level or a level access tray. We can install an electric drain to pump away your shower water if necessary.

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